Nelly Alonso

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Welcome! Hi everyone, my name’s Nelly and I’m your host of this podcast, Correr Comida Cultura Podcast. Thank you so much for joining me, I’m so excited to have you all just listening and tuning in. …

My plan was to transcribe episode one of the podcast for everyone to read but that’s not what this post will be about. This post will be about grieving, specifically my process, and how I’m choosing to remember my loved one.

A note before I continue — this is not…

Hi, my name is Nelly (she/her/hers) and I’m the host of Correr Comida Cultura Podcast. My first episode dropped in November of 2020 but I’m just getting to posting content here on Medium. If you haven’t heard any of the episodes yet, you can catch up on the first nine…

Nelly Alonso

Correr Comida Cultura Podcast is a podcast about running, food & cooking and Latinx culture + interviews from WOC entrepreneurs, activists & community leaders.

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